Medway Volunteer Workshop in Kent is a local initiative to help a national charity, Tools with a Mission, headquartered in Ipswich

About Tools with a Mission

TWAM  I   Tools with a Mission

Tools with a Mission support local people in Africa who in turn support their own communities through livelihood creating projects.  TWAM believes there is dignity through work and the ability to support yourself and your family; TWAM is a charity that provides the practical help necessary to achieve this aim.  

Local people see poverty, lack of education and unemployment in their own community and decide they can help.  They set up approved training workshops to teach tailoring, carpentry or mechanics and other trades to marginalised people and to youths who otherwise may be influenced by street gangs.  These inspiring projects often start in a living room, or even under a tree.  

TWAM works across East Africa to turn this training into a livelihood by providing the necessary refurbished equipment.  We believe entire communities can be transformed through training and the provision of tool kits and sewing or knitting machines.

TWAM has helped tens of thousands of people across the developing world by supplying livelihood creating tools, to gain dignity and purpose by lifting themselves out of poverty.  Check out the country pages on the TWAM website for inspiring stories of lives that have been transformed through these tools.​

In the UK

Tools with a Mission, headquartered in Ipswich, gives a sense of purpose and pride to people across the UK who volunteer.  Many are retired, others have learning difficulties and some just find life very hard and need a place of safety and welcome. 

There is more demand in Africa for tool kits and sewing/knitting machines than Ipswich can meet, so they have been encouraging the formation of local organisations throughout the UK to increase capacity.  Opened in 2019, Medway Volunteer Workshop is one of these centres.

Read more on the TWAM website.